- Calling anywhere with no pin!
Call from USA to Hong Kong
1.0 ¢ / min
Any System, Any Provider
No Tax, No Fee, No Expiration
Price excludes promotion
...Call from USA to anywhere
No PIN needed as we remember you…
  • No PIN
  • No Fee
  • No Tax
  • No Expiration
  • No Commitment
  • Free Speed-dial
  • Local Access Number
  • Call & Contribute Initiative

Did you know?

Every time you use's service, you can help contribute to the UNICEF.
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Why choosing's service?

Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable international calling service. As such, we carefully selected our service partners. Additionally, we offer a $1 free credit to try our service for free (upto 100 minutes for a country rate of 1c/min, actual free minutes depending on your country calling rate) before making a decision.

Is a free trial for real?

It's completely free trial for $1, no limit for a number of calls nor credit card required. A credit of $1 will be automatically added to your account when you register for Maimepin's service. Our free trial does not include the rate calling from your phone to Maimepin's local access numbers. Neither nor its suppliers and/or services providers shall be responsible for any charges incurred by your phone service provider.

What do I need in order to use's service?

Just have a phone number and then sign up your phone for service. It could be your home phone number, cell phone number, or office number. No credit card required, no string attached, no contract signed.

What is's service area?

You can make a call from the U.S. to anywhere in this world thru our local access numbers.

How secure is our payment system? utilizes Paypal's payment processes and systems with SSL protocol. Therefore, payment information is processed securely and no credit card information is maintained at Maimepin. (No Paypal account is required)

Why choosing Maimepin's service?

Calling from USA to Anywhere

Making a call from any carrier and anywhere you wish whether it be home, office, or on the go to any destination number you want.

No PIN to Remember

Easy and convenient. No PIN to remember and never dial a PIN number again as we remember you. Just dial local access number and then your destination number.

No Tax, No Fee, No Expiration

Simple rate with no additional fees, no strange minute rounding, no expiration dates, and no gimmick. Your minutes remain in your account as long as you don’t use them!

Call & Contribute Initiative

When you recharge calling credit with, we give you discount which you can choose to contribute to the UNICEF.

Secure and Reliable Payment

With Paypal as our payment service provider, you can recharge your account with confident and risk free. No Paypal account needed.

High Quality Calls

Through IDT's network which manages routing millions of international minutes daily, you can be sure of a voice quality.

Free Speed-Dial

You can setup telephone numbers that you dial often for your account. That way, when you call you only have to press the speed dial code followed by the pound key (#).

Share Your Account

Having several phone numbers? No worry. You can register up to 10 phone numbers to share your minutes and manage your account in one place.