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Call & Contribute Initiative

What is this Initiative?

Call & Contribute Initiative is a program developed by with help from our customers. The money contributed by our customers will be posted on the front page of our website. Once the contribution reaches $50, we will donate that money to the UNICEF's Educational Program on behalf of our customers.

How did it begin? would like to be channel between our customers and the disadvantage around the world. As a citizen of the world, our customers who come to the US whether to come to study or work can give back to the unfortunate or the disadvantage through thel help of the UNICEF's Educational Program so that one day they could have better opportunity in life.

How can customers contribute to UNICEF's Educational Program through

Everytime our customers recharge $20 calling credit with us, we provide them with 3% discount in which our customers can choose to contribute that discount to the UNICEF.

How can customers be certain that their contributions will reach the UNICEF? will post the latest amount of donation on our front page. This amount will be updated every 24 hours. Once this amount reaches $50, we will donate $50 to the UNICEF on behalf of our customers. After that, we will post the proof of donation on our website and inform our customers accordingly.