- Calling anywhere with no pin!

How does work?


SIGN UP your phone for free trial

Just register your phone (home, cell, office) with service. After completing registration, a free credit of $1 will be added to your account. No credit card required, no string attached, no contract signed. Best of all you can try our services for FREE and see if our services are for you.

Please note that to be eligible for a free trial, a phone number that you use for registering service must not be registered with BossRevolution or its affiliates.


RECEIVE a 4-digit PIN

Receive either SMS or automatic call back containing your 4-digit PIN from BossRevolution, our network provider. You can use this PIN for logging into 'Maimepin' website and manage your account i.e. adding speed dial.


CALL anywhere via our local access numbers

You can call to anywhere for a $1 free trial (upto 100 minutes for a country rate of 1c/min) via our local access number. Once receiving a prompt message, please enter 011 followed by your destination country code and phone number (011 + Country code + Phone number).

Calling rate shown on does not include the rate calling from your phone to's local access number.


ACCESS and MANAGE your account

If you like our services, you can login to your account at Maimepin website using your phone number and 4-digit PIN to recharge your credit, check your balance, set speed dials, or add other phone numbers.

100% Secured payment with Paypal (Paypal account is not required)

Your privacy and security are priority. We utilizes Paypal payment processes and systems with SSL protocol. Maimepin nor 3rd parties collect any personal information. You can feel safe making a payment with us.

High network quality from IDT BossRevolution has selected IDT BossRevolution (NYSE:IDT), the largest telephone network provider in the U.S., as a network service provider. Our voice quality and network availability are far superior than traditional calling cards.

Call & Contribute Initiative

As a citizen of the world, now you can make a difference when you call your love ones using service. Everytime you recharge calling minutes from us, you can choose to receive 3% discount or you can choose to contribute it to the UNICEF. You can read more about our initiative at Call & Contribute Initiative